About Us

Alex & Marion Hose started AMH Properties as a natural offshoot of their careers in construction, leasing, asset and property management and real estate syndication as well as their personal history of real estate investment. Their combined talents cover the four corners of expertise required for success in investing, and their very different approaches to problems provide an effective check and balance on decision making.

Alex & Marion spent the first part of their careers in California’s Silicon Valley, where they gained a broad perspective working with local and international clients in both high-tech and traditional industries.  They organized their first private offerings together in 2005 with the acquisition of two office buildings in downtown Reno, a portfolio that has since grown to include 6 office buildings and an industrial/warehouse building.

With a primary interest in value-add projects, target buildings are typically vacant or nearly vacant with extensive deferred maintenance.  By taking advantage of the vacancy to implement extensive mechanical and cosmetic changes, they then apply the same hands-on leasing and management strategies to reintroduce the building to the market.   Their combined abilities enable them to make immediate decisions on deal points such as lease rate, construction costs and negotiated lease language, which in turn allows brokers and their clients to conclude deals in a direct and efficient manner.

This same approach benefits their third-party clients, who have the confidence of knowing they have a construction and asset manager working on their behalf who thinks like an owner.